Almazara'La Alqueria

Our Blanqueta organic extra virgin olive oil is made from the olives from our olive groves in the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park.

Organic Blanqueta

The name Blanqueta makes reference to the whitish colour of this olive variety when ripe. Blanqueta is one of the 24 principal olive varieties grown in Spain. This variety’s complex fruitiness is predominated by green almond, artichoke and walnut. Smooth first impressions in the mouth are followed by medium-intense bitterness and pungency.

Certificado Oficial de Agricultura EcológicaCertificado oficial de Agricultura Ecológica de la Unión EuropeaProducto elaborado en Parque Natural

Harvest: from 20th to 30th October during the PRE–VERAISON ripening stage.
The landscape is characterised by small undulations and terraces. Soils are sandy-clay in composition. Organic farming certified by the EU and the Autonomous Region of Valencia. Altitude varies from 400 to 800 metres above sea-level.

Analytical report:
Acidity: 0. 13 (%) as determined by Regulation EEC 2568/91
Peroxide value: 5 (meq/Kg) EEC 2568/91
K270: 0.13 EEC 2568/91
K232: 2.15 EEC 2568/91
Delta K: -0.01

Available in: 250cl and 2.5-litre tins