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Our organic extra virgin olive oil coupage
made from our finest native olives has been "dressed" with a container on a par with its exceptional content

Organic coupage

Coupage de aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico

We have selected our organic Blanqueta, Alfafarenca and Villalonga olives from our very best estates to make this first edition of our organic extra virgin olive oil coupage.

In a balanced exchange between the aromatic potential of our Alfafarenca olives, the strength of our Blanqueta and the elegance of our Villalonga we have created a "signature oil" with an organoleptic profile that is worlds apart from standard commercial olive oils.

Available in: 250cl bottles and 2-litre silk-screen printed cylindrical tins.



Producto elaborado en Parque Natural

Analytical report:
Acidity: 0. 15 (%)
Peroxide value: 4 (meq/Kg)
K270: 0.12 EEC 2568/91
K232: 2.10 EEC 2568/91
Delta K: -0.02

Certificado oficial de Agricultura Ecológica de la Unión Europea