Almazara'La Alqueria

PDO certified premium extra virgin olive oil. Harvested and estate bottled in the Mountains of Alicante, Spain.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil: A gift from nature in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park in Alicante. Spain

Our EVOO is endorsed by the Regulating Council from the Autonomous Region of Valencia and the EU Organic Farming and Mill Certificate of Quality
We are a family-run business located at a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean, specialising in organic extra virgin olive oil production. Our painstaking olive oil production process, from the olive grove to the bottle, is a guarantee of our product’s superior quality.

The olive oil production process starts by harvesting the olives in their point of optimum ripeness, extracting the oil as quickly as possible and then storing the final product in stainless steel vats in the dark, peaceful "almazara" (Spanish for mill) at constant, mild temperatures. Our production process together with our native Blanqueta and Alfafarenca olive varieties unite to create a unique product rarely encountered on today’s globalised market – our extra virgin olive oil.