Almazara'La Alqueria

Our Alfafarenca extra virgin olive oil is bottled in glass painted in opaque black to guarantee our product’s freshness.

Black bottle/Alfafarenca

The name Alfafarenca or Alfafara originates from the Alicante town of Alfafara and it is one of the 24 principal olive varieties grown in Spain. Thanks to its delicate aromas and flavours not only can this variety be consumed as olive oil but also as table olives.
Our Alfafarenca olive grove is a certified centenarian grove. Certification is granted by using the internationally recognised procedure of measuring the perimeter of the olive tree trucks at a height of 1 metre above the ground.

Analytical report on our most recent harvest (2015):
Acidity: 0. 11 (%) as determined by Regulation EEC 2568/91
Peroxide value: 6 (meq/Kg) EEC 2568/91
K270: 0.12 EEC 2568/91
K232: 2.12 EEC 2568/91
Delta K: -0.01
Harvest: from 20th to 30th October 2012 during the PRE–VERAISON
ripening stage.
The olive groves are planted on terraced mountain slopes in
sandy-clay soils, at an altitude of 400 to 800 metres above sea-level.

Available in: 250cl and 500cl bottles and 2.5-litre tins