Almazara'La Alqueria

We decided to make our very own EVOO with the aim of offering consumers a high-profile product and convinced that we could bring together a team as passionate about our product as we are.

Who are we?: A team passionate about our work

Our olive groves have been in our family for generations and we have always taken pride in giving priority to quality over profit. Logically, however, first-rate quality has an impact on costs although we seldom pass this impact on to end consumers. Below, and with a little help from each one of our team members, we are going to try to explain the complex work they carry out that gives our EVOO the singular quality we are proud to be able to offer our customers.

uan Martínez. Director de Almazara LA Alquería

Juan Martínez. Managing Director and Maestro Olive-Oil Maker

Juan cares for the olive trees as if they were family. He decided to launch his very own almazara and control the entire production process from start to finish after spending many years dedicated to the family olive groves. He is adamant that no one should spoil what with so much passion he has created.


José Antonio Cano Torres (Toni)

Toni is in charge of the entire almazara reception area. His responsibilities include production line product traceability, laboratory control, oil yield calculation, weight control, and separation by variety.

Miguel Abad  

Miguel Abad. Agronomic Consultant

Miguel makes sure that our olive trees fulfil their duty to the environment by contributing to the conservation of the landscape, the soil, and the native agricultural biodiversity, as well as controlling fires and erosion, helping to capture CO2, and providing a natural sanctuary for native birds. In order to do so, he carries out a painstaking sanitary control programme, irrigation programme, and fertilization plan in line with the nutritional needs of the olive trees. He also makes sure that every product used in the production process adheres to the norms of organic farming, conforming to the principle of respecting the environment, and that our olive trees do not contract diseases or suffer from plagues that could in anyway affect the quality of our olive oils.

Rafael Belda  

Rafael Belda Cerdá

Rafa ensures that our Alfafarenca extra virgin olive oil boasts such exceptional aromas by "pampering" the olive grove located in the foothills of the Sierra Mariola Natural Park; a protected region of enormous ecological value due to its array of medicinal and aromatic plants (thyme, camomile, thymus piperella, sage and rosemary).

Mar Luna Villacañas  

Mar Luna Villacañas. Communications and Product Development Consultant

Mar holds a degree in Journalism from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and is an Expert in Olive Oil Sensory Analysis and Tasting. Mar is responsible for making sure that our almazara, our region and our products receive international exposure and is the creator of our brand’s new image.


Thanks also to all our family and friends who, in an altruistic way, help and support us in our passion for olive trees and olives.