Almazara'La Alqueria

We grow two olive varieties, the unique Blanqueta strain, grown using organic agriculture, and Alfafarenca, grown using eco-friendly agriculture

Quality starts in the olive grove

We believe that a deep knowledge of our olive trees and their agronomic environment, as well as providing them with nutritional needs-based supplements to keep the olive groves in perfect sanitary conditions, is essential.
Our olive trees are cultivated using eco-friendly agriculture methods and in order to do so, our expect, Miguel Abad makes sure that the methods employed in the fight against plagues and disease, as well as nutritional needs, are covered using products authorised for use in organic farming.

Evidently, our philosophy of looking after the olive groves represents a strong investment in professionals, analysis, research, and day to day effort. However, we are able to maintain a fair price policy towards the end consumer by running an efficient and tight business.

Our team of highly-trained and efficient professionals do everything in their power to make the finest extra virgin olive oil on offer.


.Producto elaborado en Parque Natural

Certificado oficial de Agricultura Ecológica de la Unión Europea

Our EVOO is endorsed by the Regulating Council from the Autonomous Region of Valencia and the EU Organic Farming and Mill Certificate of Quality